Our eCommerce Summit aims to provide the strategies and tactics that will help you win at retail.  We’ll be covering Amazon in detail given it remains the largest dollar growth opportunity within eCommerce.  We’ll also have sessions focused on your key omnichannel retailers that continue to grow in importance, including Walmart.com, HomeDepot.com, Lowes.com, and more.

eCommerce requires unique capabilities and the brands that lean in will be long-term winners in the retail landscape that becomes more digital every day.  Our eCommerce Summit will cover where to invest internally and how to leverage external partners, with the ultimate goal of making eCommerce a core competency for your organization.

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Thought Leaders

We’re excited to welcome CRC’s Thought Leader partners to the stage at our Virtual eCommerce Summit, along with CRC analysts and your peers at branded manufacturers.  Our Thought Leader program features leading-edge eCommerce service providers who deliver their expert perspective and proprietary data to help our community grow their eCommerce businesses.  

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COVID-19 drove a new wave of consumers to online shopping platforms as a means to avoid B&M stores.  It also led existing online shoppers to expand beyond where they normally shopped to simply find the products they were looking for given widespread out-of-stocks.  These consumer shifts resulted in unprecedented eCommerce growth in 2020 and 2021, spanning long-time leaders like Amazon, emerging digital-first brands and platforms, and even those that were historically slow to move on eCommerce. 

Now that we are on the heels of the pandemic, what’s the aftermath?

We believe the pandemic-driven eCommerce share gains will be sticky, and we estimate the eCommerce business is now 4+ years ahead of pre-COVID expectations.  Omnichannel and other emerging eCommerce models are more important than ever before, and we see the retail landscape becoming more interdependent on sales, marketing, supply chain, and more. 

And here’s what it all means for branded manufacturers:

It means there are more eCommerce growth opportunities than ever before, but the opportunity is reliant on a greater number of retailers to focus on and invest in.  It’s reliant on a holistic strategy, collaborative business practices, and new internal capabilities and external partnerships.

Join us at our Virtual eCommerce Summit to equip your company with the insights needed to capture this expanded eCommerce growth opportunity.  You’ll walk away from the event with leading-edge strategies and tactics shared by CRC analysts, eCommerce thought leaders, and your peers at branded manufacturers.

This year's Summit will feature 2 highly-focused themes

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